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Q + A with Pamela Davis of Mucho Design

Hi Pamela, welcome to Tall Pine! I’m so excited to add your beautiful jewelry to my shop. When did you learn to make jewelry?
I started making jewelry over 10 years ago in the form of embroidered pendants and micro-weavings. In the beginning I was simply attaching metal chain to my fiber pieces; my skill was mainly in the fiber art. Attracted to the durability of metal, I decided to take a metalsmithing class at Pratt in Seattle. That was 2011. After the class ended, I immediately started buying equipment and tools to build a home studio; I was in love. 
In 2013, I moved from Seattle to Olympia to attend the Evergreen State College. During my time there, the fine metals studio closed for renovation. Still needing my metal fix, I pursued classes in the large metals shop. I did larger scale lost-wax casting and learned gas welding. 
After graduating, I focused on rebuilding my jewelry line. The last 2 years represent my most jewelry intensive years and I believe the time has been well worth it. I am happy with the evolution of my designs and have a much healthier balance between my metalsmithing practice and other aspects in my life than I have in the past.
I love the style and modern simplicity of your work. What do you like about working with the materials that you use? Any inspirations?
Like I stated above, I love the durability of metal. It's really hard to break, if it gets dirty you can clean it, if it breaks, you can usually repair it. I work with ceramics as well and I often find myself frustrated by the fragility and limitations of repair. With metal, I can bend it to the point of breaking and reheat it to regain malleability. Even if I completely melt it, it's not destroyed. I can use it later in a casting or pour it into ingot form for future use.
My favorite techniques are lost-wax casting, silver soldering, and fine silver fusing. Melting metal is just really exciting to me, I guess.
As far as inspiration goes, since a young age, I've been drawn to mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. I easily feel overwhelmed if there is too much going on in a design so I find clean quiet lines calming. Metal lends itself to this style so easily.
What else do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies?
Hobbies are what one does in leisure time, right? I don't really have a lot of leisure time but when I do I really love reading. I worked in bookstores for over 10 years and really miss being in that environment. I also enjoy hiking and camping. Looking at natural landscapes is endlessly inspiring to me.
I don't incorporate a lot of welding in my work at present, but like to keep in practice, so I find myself welding when I have enough free time. It's a process I really enjoy and find meditative. 
Here’s a fun random question to end our little Q+A.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
This question is so hard! Probably a sparsely populated Greek island. I've never been to Greece but it's beautiful, there are more warm months than cold months, and the waters are warm enough for swimming. To me that is perfection!
Thank you so much Pamela! -Olivia